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Black Women and Boho Fashion

Posted by Evelyn's Options on May 22, 2021
      Dr. Fauci has relaxed the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and now it is time to hit the beach. The only problem is people have been in the house so long sheltering in place that they aren't used to wearing more than panjama bottoms and a relaxing shirt. No need to fear their are many boho chic fashions that will help bridge the gap between comfort and style. With trends from charm bracelet style anklets to stacked ring fingers it is easy to incorporate boho-style jewelry pieces. One trend that is cute but also offers unique calming benefits is natural stones. Add plenty of thick turquoise pieces to your outfit which will not only leave you standing out in the crowd, but it will also lift your vibrations so you can reach a higher frequency. Crystal pieces are not only a trendy addition to your look but they also are a great conversation topic with friends or new people you meet at the coffe shop in this newly approaching post pandemic world. So you might be thinking, boho style is a 1960s hippie type of vibe, but it is quickly transforming to become more free and can be seen on a lot of Generation Z folks.

      One nostalgic trend that is coming back around is large earth colored stone bracelets. It is nice to stack your arm with calming natural stone beads that will also add to your look. The chuckier, the better. The more simpler the design the better. Achieve this look with stacked rows of chakra beads or an adjustable larger agate stone. Another look to add to a perfectly manicured hand is large stone rings and feel free to pile them on. A set of smaller rings on one finger will aslo due the trick. Each ring can add a pop of color to your outfit. Stacked rings are so fun to wear, especially when they are weird shapes of mixed-metal or even sterling silver pieces. Head to your local farmers market and pick up some unique jewelry that you will not find in stores or have to worry about being mass produced. Local jewelry artisians are able to put more love and care into developing a perfectly crafted piece of art for various taste levels. Plus, farmers markets are the perfect way to assimulate back to normal pandemic-free life and a bonus is it held outside where you can really show off your new bling.

      Mix and match your necklaces as well. Sometimes a heavy mixed-metal piece looks great with turquoise or shell beads which will add depth to your look. More and more you see fashion icons like Rihanna wearing multiple chain link necklaces or even stacking it with a colorful choker. The best part about stacking your necklaces is experimenting and having fun with your look and after your done for the evening you can simply put them away to wear individually when the time calls for. For now, we are still wrapped up in a Zoom call world, so perhaps you can dress up and test your look out on your colleagues. What are you wating for?   The weekend is calling and it's time to have some fun!