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Big Hoop Earrings For Fall

Posted by Evelyn's Options on December 14, 2019
For Fall 2019, there are plenty of epic ways to look good and stand out, dye your favorite pair of jeans, spruce up your clutch, or maybe even dazzle up some hair pins! But if you want to commit to something long lasting and chic, there's another (simpler) way to do it: through statement accessories, like big hoop earrings. While you might think that the '60s and '70s popularised the oversized earrings trend, but large hoops actually have deeper roots tied to African tribes. The hoop earrings we know and love today have their origins in Nubia, an African civilisation that dates back hundreds of years. They were considered a symbol of status and beauty. Egyptian royalty such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamen all wore gold hoop earrings to enhance their looks and put their power on display. Today, extra-large hoops don't come with the same fanfare, but they are still very much a staple of the fashion industry. Giant hoop earrings make a strong statement when paired with any outfit, and they definitely go well with colorful personalities. There are different varieties of hoops, from chunky plastic pairs that demand your attention to thin white gold hoops that are more elegant and sophisticated. No matter which pair you pick, hoop earrings will make you stand out. They're flashy, eye-catching, and perfect for any young woman's wardrobe!

Luscious Layered Necklacs

Posted by Evelyn's Options on December 14, 2019
The layering trend isn't just about clothes. Case in point: One of the coolest looks is stacked or layered jewelry. You can easily pile gobs of bracelets on your wrists or multiple rings on each finger to look cool AF with minimal effort. But stacking your necklaces? Now, that's a challenge. Stacked necklaces are sexy and fun. When done right, you can mix materials (gold and velvet), lengths (chokers and long strands), and thickness (wide and flat cuffs with thin and braided chains) to add a regal dimension and depth to your outfit of the day. It's the ultimate in smart accessorizing. Stacking necklaces isn't easy, though, since the strands tend tangle. You can go the entire day without touching your stack of necklaces, yet they still inevitably end up intertwined and ensnared. While the layered necklace look is totally on point, removing the individual pieces or re-arranging them is cumbersome and you end up with knots or even worse damaged and destroyed pieces. It's a true fashion frustration. But don't let fear of The Tangle deter you from owning this trend. There are the golden rules of loading your neck up with multiple strands so you can slay that layered look and stop the tangle. Go forth and stack with confidence.