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Kangol Cool Necklaces

Posted by Evelyn's Options on February 05, 2020
      We know springtime seems light years away given the current low temperatures (and the sheer thought of leaving your house without a North Face jacket probably sends chills down your spine), but the spring is heading our way soon. With a new season brings a whole crop of new trends to unpack. While there are many exciting trends coming in every category, we are hyped today to focus on one particularly pretty one: chunky necklaces. Back in January, we saw designers across the board send models down the runway in some seriously full and thick textured neck pieces, and we have decided to offer that with our unisex necklace line at Evelyn's Options.

      Since the 1980's, when Ladies Love Cool James, LL Cool J, decided to rock his multiple shades of Kangol hats with various chunky gold chains we have been hooked. These chain necklaces took on a life of their own. They were sleek. They were sexy. They commanded your attention. They solidified your way into becoming part of the emergent rap scene back in the day. We remember rocking our Cross Colours shirts with our chains as we mimicked the styles of Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, and Big Daddy Kane. Skip forward to 2019. This is the first time we saw couture high end fashion brands mimicking the 1980s jewelry culture. From Celine, Versace, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors, we saw a familiar trend resonating on the runway, one that was familiar to our childhoods. As LL Cool J famously stated, “don't call it a COMEBACK!”

      Whether your style is refined minimalist or whimsical maximalist, throwback fat chains whether pearls, gold, or silver will pique your interest and put you in the mood for warmer days ahead. Our prettiest chains will involve enamel and interesting textures. Evelyn's Options has a wide range of one of a kind jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe!

Cuff Ear Wear

Posted by Evelyn's Options on February 05, 2020
      There are many fashionable ways to adorn your ear this winter. To keep those ears the center of attention we prefer long dangling winter warm colors that match our sweaters and scarfs. More recently, jewelry cuffs in unique shapes are giving us our entire lives. More recently we have seen celebrities rocking ear cuffs with long dangling tassels in silver, gold, and precious stones. We even saw Rodarte send their models down the runway in ear cuffs that were inspired by the Cheyenne Native Tribe and we were completely beside ourselves. We prefer more eye catching ear lobe candy that have powerful themes. We cannot wait to add these precious gems to Evelyn's Options Spring 2020 collection.