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Black Models In High Fashion

Posted by Evelyn's Options on March 03, 2020
      Long before black models graced the pages of Vogue or even catwalks, there were pioneers like Mounia, muse to Yves Saint Laurent. Mounia was the first black model Yves Saint Laurent used in his haute couture shows, and was widely considered the French couturier’s favorite model. For many decades prior to Tyra Banks it was hard to get more than one Black model in high fashion shows. The industry still has a lot more changes to make before it becomes culturally diverse but it is a pleasure to pay tribute to the legends. Many Black icons paved the way for some form of inclusion; like Donyale Luna (1960s), Iman, and Naomi Sims.

      Donyale Luna, was born in humble beginnings in Detroit. She made her way to Paris in her late teens where her career began to take off. Donyale Luna is the first Black supermodel. She also became the first black model to appear on the cover of a “Vogue” magazine, the March 1966 British issue. Her look was special, one of a kind, even to this day people are often overwhelmed by her beauty and fashion. Her personality was that of an exaggerated character, as she was often described as eccentric. Donyale took calculated risks that took the fashion world by storm. Her friend, the infamous Andy Warhol featured her in his movies and she began to star in other movies as well. Donyale paved the way for Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Beverly Johnson.

      Naomi Sims was the Lorraine Halsberry of the fashion world, with gorgeous dark chocolate tones and a face that was breathtaking she took transformed the fashion industry. Naomi met her fair share of criticism with many industry executives saying her skin was “too dark” to be featured on their magazines or in their runway shows. Naomi Sims did not let colorism stop her as she persevered. The New York Times wrote that (her) "appearance as the first black model on the cover of Ladies' Home Journal in November 1968 was a consummate moment of the Black is Beautiful movement." Naomi was always fighting for equality and justice in a fashion world that did not understand someone that looked like her. Naomi went on to help other aspiring Black models by writing several books coaching future models of color on the fashion industry. Naomi Sims was a fearless leader for social justice. In the month of February, people will reflect on the contributions of African Americans to the world through fashion, culture, science, and technology. However legendary women like Mounia, Naomi Sims, and Donyale Luna, should be celebrated quite often.

Chakra Cleansing Gems

Posted by Evelyn's Options on March 03, 2020
      If you’ve been selecting jewelry simply because it’s beautiful, get ready for some new criteria. This year, earrings, necklaces and rings can do more than accessorize your look — they can enhance your well-being, too. Think bracelets with healing crystals, pendant necklaces with energy-cleansing stones and earrings with essential oil-diffusing beads. Healing stones are nothing new. Healing crystals promote energy and vitality. Clearing blocked energy centers in the body is essential to promoting a strong mental, emotional and physical state.

      So, think of it this way - crystals all emanate different vibrational frequencies depending on their color, crystal structure and size. People also emanate unique vibrational frequencies, and by holding onto crystals we’re able to tune into them and elevate our own ‘vibe’. These vibrational frequencies can shift energetic blockages, allowing for energy to flow freely so that we are not held back by them. The most abundant and versatile crystal available is Quartz. Quartz crystals are incredible and can be “programmed” unlike most other crystals. What this means is that it magnifies the intentions that we focus into it and will hold onto that energy until it is cleansed, or a new intention is set. If you only ever buy one crystal in your life, make it a quartz crystal. Our 2020 Spring Collection is filled with many unique crystal treasures that you can add to your wardrobe to feel chic and also strengthen your vibe!